How To Pick A Profitable Niche

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When I picked my first niche, I literally plucked it out of thin air.

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I picked something I cared about. Which has been great, and it keeps me motivated to build a passion business.

If you care about loving your work, then do that!

Pick a niche that you’re sure you will want to talk about for the rest of your life. Not so bad?

There can be some barriers, though. And you should know what they could be.

For me and my passion topic, I’ve been competing against “big players” in the space and differentiating from their content has been tricky.

I’ll almost always see them ranking #1 for every keyword I go after!

In super competitive spaces, this is just normal. And where backlinks are a must.

But for your first niche site? You ideally want something where there is upwards potential.

You want low competition keywords, and lots of them, so you can define yourself in the space.

It’s about pleasing readers, but also showing Google that you mean business. You’re here to provide value.

As trust grows, so will your site’s traffic. Then that’s where the monetization opportunities will really spring.

Yep, picking a niche is hard for your first site.

Mid-2021 I decided to try something different and start a niche site in a completely different niche.

I picked a niche space that I knew the audience would be more profitable.

And I was right, even on AdSense early on the site’s RPMs were beating my first niche site that had over a year of authority buildup and way more content.

I learned that although there was plenty of ranking difficulty in this new niche, I could find an angle that worked.

found low competition keywords to fortify the early authority, and let it grow. It produced plenty of clicks easily, and was competing with domains much more authoritative.

I got the attention and traffic of the readers I wanted. And the potential was strong.

I ultimately decided to sell that new niche site for a profit, and let someone else take over.

I’ve now seen the site quadruple in traffic and authority as the new owner continues publishing similar content. It’s also now monetized with Ezoic, so is likely becoming a good-earning and profitable niche site!

I’m telling you all this because I’ve tried a few angles for niche sites. And I’ve definitely noticed the differences between picking a passion, and picking for profitable target audiences.

But there can be a happy middle ground.

It all comes down to really understanding the target audience. Their financial status, their age, the area they live in – it all matters.

This is just a slice of some of the concepts I am teaching in my upcoming workshop.

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