Hypefury Review

Hypefury Review: Twitter Automation Tool Worth It?

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Hypefury is becoming one of the most popular social tools for growing and even automating a Twitter account.

Many using this tool have been able to grow their Twitter following into the thousands with not much more than a daily writing habit and the specialized tools that Hypefury offers.

In this Hypefury review, I’m going to tell you if it’s a hype-worthy tool for growing and automating your Twitter following.

Ready to try out Hypefury yourself? Click here to get a free 14-day trial. If you’re not yet convinced, keep reading to get a breakdown of the features.

Hypefury Review: Features

Hypefury is a Twitter scheduling and automation tool. Its particular USP is that it can take actions that can result in growth for your Twitter profile without you having to lift an extra finger.

Whilst most start using Hypefury to schedule tweets with its easy-to-use experience, they usually stay for the benefits of automation.

The base scheduler experience is intuitive and user-friendly. When you first log in to Hypefury, you always arrive in your Queue.

The queue for your upcoming tweets

The Queue is a timeline view of your upcoming schedule. It always starts from today, this moment in time, and shows you all upcoming slots from your Posting Schedule vertically.

The Queue has similarities with how your timeline appears on Twitter (by default) with the “latest” slot always showing on top. The timezone for the Queue is set up when you first register or can be changed in the settings.

The Queue can contain different kinds of slots:

  • Regular slots which remain empty or can be filled by adding tweets to the Queue
  • Evergreen Post slots which tell Hypefury to pick something out of the Evergreen Posts and automatically retweet it
  • Recurrent Post slots which is a separate feature for creating categorized tweets that post as new (instead of retweeting)

These different kinds of tweet slots can be a little tricky to understand for the newcomer, so keep reading and all will be explained.

Composing new tweets into the Queue

From the Queue page, you also access the Composer. It’s the big blue bar at the top asking in a Facebook-style: “What would you like to share?”

Hypefury is often all about trying to get you to write more tweets and make that as easy as possible. The Composer, then, is sleek and lean to make it easy to just start writing and not get in the way when your creative juices start flowing.

To add new tweets to your Queue, it’s as simple as writing out your tweet and hitting the “Add to Queue” button.

By adding to Queue, Hypefury will send that tweet to the next available open slot in your Queue. Whether that’s 2 hours from now or 20 days from now, it will find the next available open slot and fill it there. What’s great about this is that it simplifies writing content and scheduling it out over a long time.

Because I worked for Hypefury, I know that some of their users would schedule tweets literally months ahead and sometimes even further. They had different ways of doing that (like being able to upload via a CSV file) but for many writing in Hypefury was something they just did regularly – like whipping out the typewriter and getting in their 500 words for the day.

Composing threads is easy with Hypefury

One of the factors that started Hypefury off in the first place was the founder’s wish to be able to schedule not just single tweets but entire threads.

And over time Hypefury has made it easy peasy to schedule threads and even preview them before they go live.

To make a thread, you just click the “Add Tweet” (+) button next to the first input box. Then Hypefury adds another input box, and another, and as many as you want for as long as you want your thread to become!

Another great benefit of using thread composing, especially on desktop, is that Hypefury will open up a thread preview on the right-hand side of the app to show you exactly what your thread will look like when it goes live.

This preview addition makes it really simple to know how it will appear to your followers and is especially needed when your thread is getting really long or has particular formatting.

Another great feature to make threads even more powerful is by activating the Delay between tweets add-on to your thread.

All you have to do is toggle it on, then if you want to manage the specifically timed delay you can go to the Advanced tab where you’ll find pre-defined delays as well as being able to pick a custom one, too.

It’s cool because you can create a higher likelihood of engagement by trickle-feeding the thread to your audience, a bit like a newsletter where parts are sent out over time.

Each tweet from a thread has the ability to be liked, retweeted, and bookmarked by the Twitterverse as well as the whole thread itself (from the original/first tweet).

This means that by delaying the tweets inside of a thread, they each could gain more potential reach and engagement and bump the whole thread at the same time. It’s completely on autopilot, done for you, and could benefit your growth.

Threads are becoming the go-to growth tool for marketers and Twitter gurus because you can provide a huge amount of value to your audience with a thread, engage them to keep scrolling to read, and ultimately raise metrics that will help it reach more people.

Advanced composing features

Inside of the Advanced tab whilst composing tweets or threads, you’ll also find a selection of other tools that will help you maximize the post before scheduling.

We’ve already talked about how Delay between Tweets can be used to set intervals between your threads’ tweets, but there are more features here to explore.

Share on Instagram will tell Hypefury to generate an Instagrammable version of your tweet. By default, you’ll just be sent an email with the Insta-shot inside. But if you have an Instagram Business profile, then you’ll be able to set up Direct Publishing to Instagram – well worth it if you want to grow Instagram alongside.

Autoplug will give you another input to add an extra tweet inside. It acts a bit like a thread, but it only adds one final tweet (turning it into a thread if it wasn’t already) after your tweet hits a certain engagement threshold like “Has 5 Retweets”. It’s a useful way to plug something else, like a newsletter subscription, when one of your tweets is getting popular.

Post with a quoteshot opens another input to give you the option to enter text which will be generated into a white-on-black image and attached to your tweet. Sometimes images with a bold quote in them get more engagement, worth testing out!

Post on LinkedIn (premium) and Post on Facebook is pretty self-explanatory and allow you to send the same or slightly tweaked versions to connected profiles on these networks.

Set categories are related to Recurrent Posts. So whenever you’re writing out a new tweet or thread, you can add it also to the Recurrent Posting schedules that align with the chosen category.

Automatic retweeting with Evergreen Posts

One of the key founding features of Hypefury was the Evergreen Posts. The idea is simple: bookmark your tweets/threads that you’ve already sent to Twitter as having evergreen value.

Then, Hypefury will randomly pick from those you’ve bookmarked and automatically retweet them on your profile again. If they’ve already been retweeted by you before, it will undo it and retweet anew to appear at the top of your Twitter profile.

What’s really neat is that an Evergreen Post can be activated for a few different situations:

  • When Hypefury finds an empty slot in your Queue, it can pick something out from your Evergreen Posts to retweet instead
  • Using Evergreen Slots from your Posting Schedule, you can set specific time slots to always pick something from your Evergreen Posts and retweet it

To make one of your tweets Evergreen, it’s simple: just toggle the star next to any tweet you find in your Queue, History, or even whilst composing if you already know it’s going to be a keeper!

The founders of Hypefury

Hypefury began as a simple idea by a French-Morrocan chap named Samy Dindane. Samy is a proficient web developer who built Hypefury and continues to be its lead developer today.

It all began with one simple tweet.

Like many great startups, Samy recognized his own need for a decent tool to schedule threads on Twitter. And over time he saw how others had that same need as well.

I can only imagine that as he kept pulling at this thread by talking to other Twitter growth hackers he found more opportunities to fill the gap of what they needed to maximize their tweeting strategy.

I first came across Hypefury by seeing it mentioned several times inside a Twitter growth course I was reading called Twitter Money Mastery by Jose Rosado. I knew that I had to try out this tool because it was doing things I never knew were possible for a Twitter tool.

I distinctly remember chatting with Samy in the early days of Hypefury, giving him my feedback on ways to improve the tool. Samy has always been eager and open to absorbing as much feedback from its users as possible, which is probably what makes Hypefury such a great tool. And eventually, those chats led to a job offer for me!

Later in Hypefury’s life, Yannick Veyes came on board as a co-founder for Hypefury to lead the marketing team.

Since his arrival, he’s helped to see the growth of Hypefury double during his time and launched a very popular podcast: “Hypefury Presents”.

Hypefury’s open startup structure

Since the beginning, Hypefury’s founder Samy Dindane has been building the app out in the open.

From knowing him personally, he comes from the developer mindset of being a flexible and scrappy startup and building out the first core audience by doing it.

And it has worked! Many of Hypefury’s first users were other people on Twitter following his journey of building out a cool app, then trying it out, and eventually becoming hardcore paying users. Most users who were there from the start are still there today because they couldn’t imagine using any other tool for Twitter.

Hypefury updates are regularly posted on IndieHackers and they used to show their live MRR data publicly on Baremetrics (see above). Sadly, they don’t seem to share that data anymore.

Hypefury Alternatives: The Best Of The Competition

I’ve written a separate article about the best Hypefury alternatives that you might want to check out if you’re thinking about comparing its features vs other tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc.

Common questions about Hypefury

I was a personal paying user of Hypefury for a long while before I started working with them, so I know a thing or two about how it works and a lot of the common questions I would get during my days of Customer Success there.

So let’s get to some of those most common things people ask about Hypefury.

Does Hypefury have an app?

Hypefury does not have a native iOS or Android app. But Hypefury is a Progressive Web App, which means that it can be saved like a bookmark to your home screen and used just like any other app.

On iOS it’s easy to do:

  • Open up the Hypefury app in your Safari mobile browser
  • Tap the Share icon at the bottom-middle of the screen
  • Tap Add to Homescreen

How much does Hypefury cost?

Hypefury has a fairly straightforward pricing structure, but with some caveats.

You can get a free 14-day trial of Hypefury, after which if you want to continue using the app you can pay $19 per month for the Standard plan or $49 per month for the Premium plan.

They also have annual pricing which essentially gives you a discount of two free months by paying for the year. It’s $190 per year for the Standard plan or $490 per year for the Premium plan when going annual.


Perhaps you live in a part of the world that isn’t the US, and you’re not earning what people do in the US and other large Western countries, then it isn’t quite so fair to be asking you to pay the same price as them.

But this is where Hypefury’s country-based pricing comes in. If you visit their Features & Pricing page and you’re outside the US then you might see a red bar at the top of the website offering you a percentage discount based on your country. The visible prices listed should also change.

Depending on your country of origin, you can get up to 50% off any of the plans. Which I think is very fair and useful for many who might otherwise be unable to pay full price.

By the way, a VPN won’t work to get the cheaper price. But maybe if you contact the Hypefury team and tell them I sent you then who knows, maybe they’ll throw you a bone.

What are the differences between the Standard and Premium plans?

The main benefits of upgrading to Premium can be a bit confusing for people, so allow me to explain some key details.

There are lots of features included in both plans, but I’m going to lay out some of the big differences so you can make an informed choice.

Bear in mind these could change anytime by the team themselves and you should check their Features & Pricing page for up-to-date details.

No. Twitter Profile Connections36
Instagram & Facebook Cross-posting
LinkedIn Cross-posting
Weekly Tweet History Import
Hourly Tweet History Import
Sort History by Engagement Stats
Gumroad Sales Automation
Built-in Analytics
Growth Community Access

Both plans come with the features you would expect, including:

  • Unlimited tweet scheduling to your queue (no limits per day etc)
  • Threads scheduling, previewing, and delay between tweets
  • Auto plugs and tweet boosting on all your tweets
  • Evergreen Posts for automatic retweeting
  • My Mentions for replying to followers
  • Auto-Retweeter for selecting one Twitter profile to always retweet
  • View your entire tweet history inside the app (updating schedule depends on plan type)
  • See tweet statistics in your history (likes, retweets, impressions, clicks)
  • Invite other people to manage your account (like a VA)
  • And various other features, see the full list.

A final word about Hypefury

Hypefury is one of those tools that just do things no other tool can do or think of. There are competitors out there that have copied some of the same features, but just don’t do it as well.

For the suite of full features and getting the most out of Hypefury, the Premium plan can be a steep cost for many at $49mo/$490yr. Thankfully, country-based discounting is applied for those that need it.

But I think that the Standard plan at $19mo/$190mo is a fair deal and gives what many other similar tools don’t like unlimited scheduling and powerful automation like automatic retweeting, plugging, and more.

Whether you’re sold yet or not, you can grab yourself a free 14-day trial and make up your own mind!

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