($387.07) Niche Blog Income Report: August 2022

August 2022 Niche Blog Income Report Thumbnail

July was a pretty difficult month to be inspired for my niche progress. Despite earnings still being fairly poor, traffic was growing in a steady way. In August, the traffic growth took a much bigger jump than usual as the “Helpful Content Update” rolled in by Google. Let’s get into the details with my blog … Read more

($287.04) Niche Blog Income Report: June 2022

Blog Income Report: June 2022

It’s mid-July, and I’m finally getting around to creating a written-up version of my regular monthly blog income report! If you’re new to Niche Campus, you can learn more about me here. Or keep scrolling for the juicy numbers. Watch the income report here: If you’d rather get the bite-sized version, keep reading. Let’s get … Read more