5 Key Assessments For Picking The Right Niche

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These are the primary five things you need to assess when coming up with the right niche for your site:

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1. How you’ll build an information based website and to the right audience

2. How you’ll publish the best articles about your niche and consistently over time (1 year+)

3. The potential reach of the overall audience, or the strong-willed activity of a specific audience

4. How you’ll monetize it first (like with ads and affiliate) and then how you’ll monetize it later

5. What your “exit strategy” is. Maybe you want it to be a passive income stream forever, or maybe you’ll want to sell and do something else

Each of these need to be broken down and explored to identify the potential.

Not every niche is created equal, and not every strategy necessarily works in every niche. Planning ahead with confidence is how you’ll stay on the right track.

Getting it right, for the first time, is daunting and can definitely impact your progress for the long termMany niche site newbies spend several years struggling to even get content to rank.

Well, I’m still growing my first niche site. Currently over 35,000 sessions. And I also built two other small sites on the side and sold them for over $3K.

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