Niche Blog Income Report June 2023

Niche Blog Income Report: June 2023

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While I’m preparing my next niche site teardown, I thought I’d give you my blog income report for June.

I’m pleased with the progress because of an increase in affiliate earnings and a huge increase in profitability.

And all I did was stop paying a VA to do work that doesn’t bring a return on investment.

I’ve spent enough on my main niche site project in the last year, and it’s about time to stop paying it and for it to start paying me.

There is always smart moments to invest money, but right now isn’t the moment for it.

I am planning to drive revenue via affiliate/product based content which performs the best for me.

And cut all costs down to the only the absolute necessary.

Here’s a summary of the key points from June’s progress:

  • I only added one new post to my niche site in June
  • But I did update tons of old articles, especially to update product roundups with Lasso product boxes* (and improve content that sucked)
  • I’ve now earned 6K+ Facebook followers for my niche page and activated In-stream ads, only to realize I have barely any video content to earn via 1-min roll ads
  • 31K sessions to main niche site, about a 7% drop in traffic (and looks to be going down further into July due to an unconfirmed update)
  • $158 earned from ads, $398 from affiliate (plus best ever month for direct affiliate earnings) ~ $556 revenue
  • After halting my VA from creating Shorts/Reels content, I increased my profit 776% — last month’s profit was $40, this month’s was $352!
  • Next steps are to write more new product focused roundups/content for pushing affiliate revenue, cut even more costs (there’s a couple more things I can shave), and work with a couple of potential sponsorships that will benefit the niche site…

Or you can get a full lowdown on video by watching the full income report on YouTube here:

As always, if you have any thoughts or questions about my journey then fire away and drop me a reply.

I also like hearing what progress you have made or if you need a motivation boost.

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