Niche Blog Income Report May 2023

Niche Blog Income Report: May 2023

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Another month down, and time for a progress update on my own niche sites.

The short end of it is that my sites earned $449.26 in May.

Most stats are up a few percent, with around a 25% increase in revenue.

Here’s more of the details from the month:

  • 6 new posts published, sitting at 275 total posts on the main site
  • 9+ old posts edited and improved
  • 4,626 Facebook followers reached by the end of May (broken 5K now though and applying for reels monetization!)
  • $3,193.60 is the total profit since I first began tinkering with niche sites

And here’s where my brain is currently at to increase growth:

  • Doing less “informational” content, considering how it doesn’t help me break plateau’s much and being weary of SGE changes to come
  • Doing more “linkbait” content and finding a way to succeed with HARO link building again
  • Doing more “affiliate” product review content with unique photos, videos, that is likely to continue to be extremely valuable in a post-SGE world

As usual, there’s lots of finer details to my thoughts and strategies ahead.

You can learn all about it on my full income report on YouTube:

As always, if you have thoughts to share – I’d love to hear from you.

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