My Niche Site Goals For 2023 (+ My Suggestions For Yours)

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While it’s time to settle down for most of us for the next few days, I wanted to get a jump on my 2023 goals.

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Let me tell you, 2022 has been rough. My primary project has been hit by Google updates several times over, which has held the site at a specific level:

The project was very close to approaching 50,000 sessions in September, but it’s dropped back down again to levels I had around July.

But I am still committed to this project, because I actually like the niche I’m in. And I don’t want to run five websites I don’t really care about – that’s just not for me.

I did invest time and money into a niche site project from late 2021, that I successfully sold in May this year – so it wasn’t all bad. That minor success allowed me to remain profitable in this journey and invest the money into my main project.

I thought I’ll get ahead of the goals, and some actions I want to take, in 2023.

Things I want to get done in 2023

  • Personally write two link-bait articles per month
  • Build and push one mass PR campaign at least every two months
  • Update every single damn article on my site to replace “stock” imagery with custom original imagery
  • Review and update every single article to ensure consistent tone of voice, personality, and uniqueness
  • Post a YouTube Short at least five days per week
  • Post an engaging/fun/entertainment/meme image to social media channels at least five days per week
  • Reach 300 published articles (of extremely high quality)

My goals for 2023

  • Build my niche site’s “Domain Authority” to 40+ (to better compete with my competitors)
  • Build my main niche site’s YouTube channel to 1,000 subscribers and 40,000 watch hours (monetization)
  • Build my main niche site’s monthly traffic to 50,000 sessions
  • Move onto the Mediavine ad network
  • Plan and deploy an entire “topical mapping” for main niche site to ensure coverage
  • Plan and deploy five affiliate-focused article clusters (e.g. “best lawnmowers” + “best lawnmowers for tall grass” + “best lawnmowers for bumpy ground” etc etc)
  • Reach $1,000 monthly recurring revenue through display ads alone via main niche site
  • Reach $1,000 monthly recurring revenue through affiliate sales alone via main niche site

What’s that they say? Goals need to be specific and time-based. I’ll be adding my own timeline to these actions and goals for 2023.

Then I can give myself a very clear sprint goal every 4 weeks and commit to delivering on them.

Use these goals to inspire your own!

What’s your actions and goals for 2023? Reply and let me know!

Happy Holidays and see you next year!

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