Trust Your Own Experience With SEO

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How’s it going!? I hope you’re having a growth spurt this September…

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…I know I am. At the time of writing this, I’ve had several days reaching over 2.2K sessions and it’s priming me for that 50K sessions goal very soon.

Hopefully my end-of-September income report will be full of surprises.

Anyway… I wanted to share with you some thoughts about trusting your own work than some random SEO on the internet who doesn’t know your full site’s history.

By now, you’ve probably already noticed how it’s a complete cluster fuck mine field out there.

There’s so much “advice” out there, and it feels like it’s constantly changing. Always some new “must know” advice to jump onto.

But the reality is, in my 2-3 years experience, that the truthful lessons are mostly in the simplest stuff.

And those lessons are pretty much agreed upon by 90% of creators. If something doesn’t hit this level, then I’m much more dubious to the advice. And you should be, too.

Stupidly simple stuff that 90% of creators agree on, like:

  • Publish lots of content consistently to grow (there’s no alternative to this, just get it into your head)
  • Internal links are helpful for spreading users and “SEO juice” around your site (don’t over complicate it)
  • Backlinks HELP (no more arguments, plz!) but they CAN come naturally (without any extra effort) if you’re good enough. They STILL MATTER.

Most of everything else gets stuck into debate pretty easily.

There’s always many variables, many opinions, and you end up at some kind of cross roads with infinite paths to choose.

And that’s just annoying as hell.

So here’s my “advice”:

If you hear about some special technique that you think might just be the special sauce to 10X your growth…

…it’s probably bullshit. And you’re probably kidding yourself.

But hey, you can always test it and find out for yourself.

Then you’ll know whether the test was a positive or negative change. And you can trust your own experience.

I think that websites share many similar functions, but they are all uniquely different.

We’ve seen, time and time again, that what works for one persons site is not necessarily the same for others (bar the stupidly simple stuff from earlier).

So that’s why I present this small ruleset I give myself:

  1. Publish lots of content and do it consistently.
  2. Only listen to advice if a huge majority of pro’s agree on it.
  3. Test new knowledge on your project, adapting if for your use-case, only then you’ll know if it works for you/your site or not.

Maybe that’s useful to you, too.

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