What Most Niche Site Courses Do Wrong

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I’ve taken some niche site courses since I started this game 2 years ago.

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Don’t get my wrong, they’re good for a lot of things.

But they always seem to get this same thing wrong:

They’re obsessed with using a completely non-beginner-friendly tool like Ahrefs to analyze whether a niche is worthwhile or not.

Now, maybe you don’t know much about Ahrefs. But let me tell you, there used to be a $7 trial which these courses would recommend to use.

Pretty great deal for a superpowered bit of kit.

BUT, here’s the problem:

You could maybe learn the tool enough to do a bunch of domain analysis and keyword analysis and then follow a structured spreadsheet involving “DR” and “No of DR<30 in the SERP for top 20 KWs”… etc etc

But I just don’t think it’s at all beginner friendly. And the worst part is, it’s now severely outdated because Ahrefs is unattainable unless you have a spare $300.

Most niche site courses are taught by advanced and “pro” niche site builders. They’ve been in the game for a long time, and they use advanced tools on the daily.

But that doesn’t make them the best tool for you, a complete novice.

No, I think what’s much better is learning the fundamental skills of creative analysis and critical thinking and applying it to niches.

It might seem more straight forward to be given a automatically updating spreadsheet that you can punch in some numbers and get some arbitrary qualitative number at the end

… But I don’t think you learn very much about:

  • What a good niche site looks like and its metrics
  • What a bad niche site looks like and its metrics
  • What all these key (vanity) metrics actually mean for you (DR/DA/SERP rankings/KWs/Referring domains/etc/etc) and if they are something to worry about
  • How to actually write content in a niche space that gives you a CHANCE of ranking and gathering traffic

I think a much better method is to teach you how you can brainstorm, assess and evaluate the potential of niche ideas in front of you, all for yourself.

I’ll guide you through this in my upcoming workshop.

You’ll learn the methods, get a chance to have 1-to-1 live feedback from me during it, and then ask me anything and everything at the end. It’s going to be 3 hours of value.

After this workshop, I fully expect you to walk out with 1-2 perfect niche ideas to use (or at least armed with the knowledge to pick one later).

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